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directed by:

Hoonkwang Kim

"Living room of an old house with an old TV set and lots of clutter.
The news is playing on the TV. There is a report about a woman who lived alone who died of an unknown virus. The news discusses the problems faced by those living in single-person households.
The woman’s mother arrives and constantly nags her daughter. It sounds like she is having a conversation with the news anchor.
The woman is having a casual conversation with her mother. The mother goes into her room and the woman falls asleep on the floor. The woman wakes up and has a conversation with her husband about her children
The next day, the woman realizes that her mother, husband, and children are all figments of her imagination. The woman is in extreme shock.
She is anxious about the unknown situation. She tries to leave her house, but it is becoming more and more difficult to do so.
The entire family was an illusion created by a woman suffering from an infection. The people in the news report are suffering from the same infection
The news continues on the screen as the woman watches in shock

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Republic of Korea



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