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Love´s worst nightmare (ft. Liz Kretschmer)

Love´s worst nightmare (ft. Liz Kretschmer)

directed by:

Philippe Funk

"Love’s Worst Nightmare
In an abandoned building, a woman kneels on the floor, staring at a small box in front of her. Meanwhile, a man floats in a large lake, his eyes closed. Suddenly, he opens his eyes, staring up at the sky. He stands up in the water, aware of his vast, empty surroundings. Picking up the box, the woman gently takes out a necklace with a ring attached to it. As the man climbs out of the water, he touches his own necklace, looking at the ring. In the past, the man and woman embrace, holding each other closely. Both are wearing necklaces with rings attached.
Feeling lost and isolated, the man walks away from the water, walking through desolate paths and deforestation across a small island. He reaches a cliff’s edge, overlooking the rough waters of the ocean. As the woman holds her necklace, she begins to cry, remembering the pain of ending her relationship with the man. In the past, the two walk along the same cliffs the man now stands on. They were holding hands. They stood together watching the water, clearly in love. The woman intimately rested her head on his shoulder.
In the present, the man continues to stand alone on the cliff’s edge, troubled by memories of the past. The woman grows more emotional as she recalls her past relationship. Unable to bear it, she places the necklace back in the box and closes the lid, confining the memories to the past as we see the haunting, lonely island where the two lovers once walked.

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