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directed by:

Daniel Mercatali

"Today's apathy is strongly linked to the way in which we use our mobile phones. We’ve turned into zombies, checking our phones constantly whilst walking, eating, going out, playing, loving, studying. This terrible disease makes us behave like zombies.
According to the ancient philosophers, apathy was a virtue, as it kept us away from the excesses of passion and was a synonym for balance and wisdom. The apathetic, free of all emotion, could exercise their reasoning to the highest expression. Today, however, the conditions are very different. Indeed, after two millennia spent avoiding feelings in favour of pure rationality, we realise we’re equally unhappy. Consequently, we’re forced to change course and get back on the path to true happiness, and this can't be achieved if one hand is busy chatting on our phone whilst we’re talking to the person in front of us. Phone to hand we feel we’re elsewhere, disinterested in our surroundings, other people and our real needs. It’s almost as if we've been disconnected from reality, and are passive spectators of other people's lives. This is exactly when we need motivation, passion and change - the three main characters in the film - to intervene.

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