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The Yellow Dress

The Yellow Dress

directed by:

Deborah Grimes

"LOGLINE: To help her mother regain her joie de vivre after having breast cancer Aisling, 14, sets her up on what she believes will be the 'perfect date'...

Aisling, 14, will do anything to get her mother, Marion, out on a date and wearing her yellow dress again - the one that reminds Aisling of the vibrant, carefree woman Marion used to be. Most of all she hopes a date will soften the shock of what Aisling’s father can’t bring himself to tell Marion - that he and his girlfriend are expecting a baby. Unaware of Aisling’s motives for playing cupid, Marion won’t play ball. Going on a date is the last thing she wants and she can’t imagine getting into a sexy dress again after having a recent mastectomy. But when Aisling drops the bombshell, Marion realises it’s time to move on. To appease her daughter, she puts on the dress but when the date turns up with his teenage son is tow, Aisling is forced to go with them. Things soon take a very unexpected turn...
(Please note that there is one final shot after the credits)"

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