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ROHINGYA - People from nowhere

ROHINGYA - People from nowhere

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It is a Catastrophic story of a Rohingya girl. Who is a genocide survivor. Her whole family was killed and entire village was burnt down to ashes by the Burmese Army. She was brutally raped and callously tortured and was left to die in void but somehow she managed to escape and take refuge in the neighboring country. Where she is still waiting and continues to hope to go back to her own motherland one fine day. Through this song we aim to portray the pain and agony of humans depicted by other humans in the name of religion , caste and creed. How we have become inhuman towards others and choose to refrain from others feelings and emotions on the basis of Filthy political and Religious agenda's. When the Rohingya girls arrive in Bangladesh, they don’t know anything. They are so innocent, scared, and unaware and easy to manipulate and are forced into Prostitution whereas the young kids are driven towards terrorism. This song has been pictured on the backdrop of the biggest genocide of the recent times.

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