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Water Demon

Water Demon

directed by:

Bikramjit Gupta

"Water is scarce in this village. The womenfolk of the village, have to walk a long distance, to a well, in an old fort, to fetch water. One day, while they were approaching the fort, they saw Laajo, a mentally deranged village girl, lying semiconscious, with obvious signs of rape and molestation. This was the third such event in the village, in recent times.

Tunu is a young inquisitive school girl. She’s happy that her Baba (father) is back from the city. While coming home with her Amma (mother) that day, she happens to see Laajo chained-up from her ankle. She’s keen to know what had happened to Laajo, and questions her Amma. To avoid unnecessary queries from her girl, she tells her that Laajo was attacked by a demon, a water demon, at the fort.

She worries that her Amma, like all women in the village who go to fetch water, are at risk of being attacked by this water demon. She gets so concerned, that she keeps nagging her Amma, with constant questions about this water demon. She also overhears her Baba, who’s just back from the city, discussing the same concern with another villager friend.

While the family is having food together, she again starts her flurry of questions on the water demon. To arrest her constant questions and to keep her mind at peace, Tunu’sAmma convinces her of a spell, which if a woman knows and recites, can scare away the water demon.

After Tunu’sBaba leaves for the city, she kept nagging her Amma, whether she remembered the spell. Tunu is worried, what if her Amma forgets the spell. Noticing Tunu’s fears and concerns, her Amma pacifies her, by asking her to write down the spell, as a reminder, in case she forgets it.

The next day, Tunu finds her Amma back from the well in the fort, without any water in the vessel, and in a very sick condition. She panics. Asks Amma, how could she forget the spell, when it was written out for her.

Tunu’sAmma wasn’t getting any better, and there wasn’t any water at home. With no option left, Tunu leaves for the fort, with a vessel in hand. While on the way, she remembers the spell in her mind and enters the fort. Suspicious about someone behind her, she turns around, there’s fear on her face as she looks at an unknown man approaching her and she shouts out for her Amma.

Tunu is missing since then.

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