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Salman Bin Hamad - A VISION OF PROMISE

Salman Bin Hamad - A VISION OF PROMISE

directed by:

Eva Daoud

"One of the first acts by His Royal Highness Prince Salman Bin Hamad Al-Khalifa after being sworn in as Crown Prince in March 1999 was the establishment of the Crown Prince International Scholarship Program. A project very close to his heart, the Scholarship Program is the embodiment of Prince Salman’s dedication to empowering Bahrain’s young people and providing them with the opportunity to study at the world’s leading institutions of higher education, regardless of their religious, ethnic or socioeconomic backgrounds. It is also an important pillar of Prince Salman’s larger vision for the future of Bahrain.
In line with the vision of HRH, scholarship recipients choose their own desired field of study and universities to apply to. The fact that scholarship recipients have gained acceptance to the world’s leading educational institutions bears testament to the strength of the Program in supporting its candidates, but more importantly, it validates HRHʼs belief in the outstanding potential of Bahrain’s most dedicated students and their ability to successfully interact, assimilate and compete with the finest students in the world.
There is no doubt that for the approximately 160 young Bahrainis that have passed through the Program since its inception 20 years ago, Crown Prince Salmanʼs initiative has been life changing. For Bahrain, it has been transformative, highlighting the strength of the country’s human capital and equipping new generations of young Bahrainis with the skills and qualities required to participate in and contribute to the national and global economies.

Respected at home and abroad for his heart, his unquestionable love for and commitment to his country and its people, his outstanding vision and his exemplary diplomacy, Prince Salman has created a legacy that will have an impact on the Kingdom of Bahrain for generations to come."

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