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Making the Journey of Life

Making the Journey of Life

directed by:

Adrian Baragan

"This short documentary provides an epic example of how changing the meaning of an undesired outcome that one can’t control into a positive event can be the perfect motivation for success, by simply harnessing the ultimate gift humans share: storytelling.

The film portrays an emotional journey of a young filmmaker, who's passion for storytelling can only be exceeded by the positive impact a well constructed story may have on its most avid for knowledge and growth readers: children.

Equipped with endless fascination for studying the human brain and the emerging field of interpersonal neurobiology, the filmmaker dedicated 3 years to develop a pilot for an animated series called “Journey of Life”, that aims to promote key moral values for empowering an integrated emotional and rational development of the children. Honoring individuality and differences while promoting healthy linkages, relationships based on love and respect is the core value of what both mathematicians and psychologists call a healthy integrated system, and that the rest of us call… human race.

His almost obsessive mission is constantly driven by the belief that always motivated his passion for making the world a better place through storytelling: The quality of our life is the quality of the story we tell ourselves about the world around us.

The limited resources of the filmmaker only increased his motivation of getting the edutainment animation series produced. So after 3.5 years of investing absolutely everything into this project hoping for a crowdfunding success, the crude reality was simple: with no fan base and virtually no promotion, failure was pledged.

Punched by rejection and knocked down by the loss of all his savings, the filmmaker finds himself facing his core beliefs.

In those moments of bitterness where hope is bullied by experience, the filmmaker reaching out to his inner child finally has the revelation and manages to change his story, to re-evaluate his definitions.

So many times we get caught up in the details that we lose focus on the obvious simplicity. When you can't find your way to success, the English language stands there as an old wise human that is giving away for free the ultimate secret for achieving success, by simply understanding its definition. While "successor" means "the one that follows", "to succeed" actually means "to come next after".

While this short documentary begins with the filmmaker's simple yet challenging invitation: "If you had the power to change the world, would you know you have it?" It now ends with revealing the innocent truth: "we all have the power to change the world", while he reaches out to follow through the newfound definition of success, submitting his project as a short documentary to a film festival.

What better way to live up to his belief that the quality of our life is the quality of our story, than failing big and then telling the story about it?"

Project Specs:

Animation, Documentary


United States



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