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Dark Justice

Dark Justice

directed by:

Rupert Charmak

"Justine hosts a well-known radio show, and is a respected journalist in her own right. Having had a traumatic year, after her brother committed suicide, Justine is weary. The discussion of the day is child abuse and are we doing enough to protect our children and young adults. Justine get’s an unexpected call from Craig who is a Paedophile, he openly admits he is attracted to children, but has never harmed a child and never watched child pornography.

Justine was not expecting to have this frank a conversation with someone like Craig and it brings back memories of her brother whom she decides to talk about live on air. He was abused as a child and never told anyone. After her conversation with Craig it strangely gives her some closure about her brother. Justine realises how important Craig’s call is to the discussion of abuse in society."

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