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directed by:

Xi Chen

"‘Smithy’ is a two-dimensional animation, happening in a rat world. The style of this animation is hand-painting and the chalk is the main materials. It tells a story that rat soldiers blackmail protection fee from citizens on the pretext of protecting normal rats from abuse by owl and eventually the owl scares these soldiers away.

This animation has set in an old town where rats live peacefully. However, the peace is broken by a piece of news that from now on every rat, who lives in the town, need to submit protection fee.

Army starts to collect money all day and all night. Citizens feel scared, but they have no money to submit anymore. Therefore, the residents try their best to avoid being touched with soldiers. One day the rats in a smithy fail to distinguish the candle in time and they are noticed by a soldier, who is angry with them and aims at a rat. At this moment, the small owl scares off the soldier and saves the frightened rat."

Project Specs:

Animation, Student Film


United Kingdom, China



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