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directed by:

Param Pavel Tomanec

"The following sequence comes from the upcoming feature-length non-spoken cinema offering, KRIDA YATRA, Gotipua celebrates the devotional form of expression in Odisha with Indian children. Trained boys since childhood, dressed as girls would enact playful, sometimes acrobatic and even yogic moves for the pleasure and sign of attraction for the divine form of Jagannatha.

Gotipua dances have originated at the beginning of the 15th Century, becoming socially accepted in the 16th Century and later flourished until the late 19th Century.

Children Dancers
Smruti, Akash, Jitendra, Liki and Shubha

Teacher Dancers
Chandramani Pradhana and Krishna Bhai

Costume Design
Ganga Dhara, Param P. Tomanec

Produced and Directed
Param P. Tomanec

Director of Photography
Param P. Tomanec
Music by
Aukai (Markus Seiber)

Edited by: Param P. Tomanec

Face Painting: Ganga Dhara

Location Research support:
Jagdeesh Mohapatra, Sukant Sahu, Alkananda Mohapatra, Kumar Bhimsen and many others wonderful helpers.

Chandra Bhaga Riverside, Raghurajpur area

Acknowledgement: Thanking the erstwhile Raja of Puri His Royal Highness Gajapati Maharaja of Puri for an endorsement. Never alone love for inclusion for the film clip to be shared with others. Alchemic Sonic Environment for curation, Hinduja Foundation for support."

Project Specs:

Music Video


United Kingdom, India



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