A Girl and Her Zombie

directed by:

Tim Richardson

A Girl and Her Zombie is a horror comedy. It's like Z-Nation meets MadMax. The movie features a 12 year old girl with a gift for training dogs. After the world ends and most of the population turns to zombies Mina realizes zombies are more like feral dogs looking for a leader than dead people. She captures a zombie, names him Bingo, and begins to train him as if he were a bad dog. She straps a Rottweiler muzzle to his face and oven mitts over his hands and keeps him in line with The Nite Nite Stick (A cattle prod she created from a copper pipe, wire, and batteries). She survives for nearly a year, when Mina and Bingo are confronted by the Furies. A gang of primal survivors who have gone mad in the apocalypse. They kill and pillage both people and zombies. These bad friends invite Mina and Bingo to stay with them but Mina burns down their compound when they try to take Bingo. The showdown of the ages commences. Who will win the battle? A girl and her zombie or an apocalyptic biker gang hell bent on surviving by any means necessary.

Project Specs:

Horror, Comedy


United States



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