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Where To Now?

Where To Now?

directed by:

Brady Bryson

"After the death of his wife and son a man struggles with the mundane existence of day to day life until, in a chance encounter, he comes face to face with the woman who killed them.
Barry Futuro is a middle-aged man working an average office job in an average middle- class suburban town somewhere in America. He is a devoted husband and father. He and his wife Helen have one young school-aged son, Robert. After her mother dies unexpectedly, Helen falls into a deep depression which lasts for several weeks, deeply affecting both Barry and their son Robert.
Eventually finding the strength to try to get back to some kind of a normal existence, Helen, Barry and Robert all attend a family Christmas party. On the way home they are involved in an automobile accident with another driver in which Helen and Robert are killed.
One year later Barry is struggling with trying to move on with his life while deeply mourning the loss of his wife and their son. He no longer holds the position in the middle-class office job he held and instead works at a dive restaurant, cleaning up and serving customers. His house has not been cleaned for a year; he is not taking care of himself; it is as if his life paused when his family died.
Max (late 20s) is a young woman, unsure of where she is going in her life, who lives alone with her grandmother. Max works as a driver for a ride-share company which uses an app to connect her with customers. Her relationship with her grandmother, the only family she has, is strained and despite her efforts at maintaining a connection her grandmother wants her to move out and take care of herself.
One evening Max stops in for a drink at a bar while she is in between rides. After fending off an obnoxious advance from a strange man she strikes up a conversation with the older woman bartender, Annie. Annie identifies with Max, seeing her younger self in Max and shares with her some of the things she has learned over the years. Annie tells Max that she, too, once wondered “where to now?” as he tried to figure out what she was supposed to be doing with her life and gives her encouragement.
Max leaves the bar and finds that the strange man who was hitting on her has been waiting for her outside. He confronts her and Max knocks him away. She peels out of the parking lot and speeds away, clearly shaken from the encounter. Not paying attention to where she is going and also intoxicated, Max is involved in an automobile accident with another vehicle. Screeching to a halt Max gets out of her car to find she has run the other driver off the road. Max runs towards the other car, an SUV with its front end crushed against a tree on the side of the road. The windows have been broken out and the airbags deployed. Inside she finds a man and a woman and a child, all bloody and appear dead.
The driver, a man, opens his eyes and makes eye contact with Max and she fleas the scene.
One year later Max has apparently moved on with her life. She is still driving for a living and stops into a restaurant between rides to order a late-night dinner. She places her order and the man behind the counter turns around and makes eye-contact with the woman responsible for the death of his wife and son."

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