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directed by:

Ljubba Stefanovic

The video depicts a woman who voluntarily surrenders herself to a man out of great love for pain. He enslaves her, deprives her of her freedom, suffocates and destroys her, and that makes her free in all her pain. She loves it and is not ashamed to show it. His "No" is never enough and is always a justification for even greater giving.

On the other hand, in that struggle for supremacy over pain, she reciprocates equally in her desire to hurt him as well. He finds strength in his oppression, which brings him to tears. They are constantly on edge, passing danger from one to the other, like a bullfight. She performs for him and disarms him with her physical beauty and voice.

Corrida is a symbol of the game with death, life and love on the edge. Constant danger and the balance of power. The tension is built through the fight with the bull as a metaphor of their rock-strewn relationship.

The main premise is the unraveling and glorification of death, which our protagonist faces directly, face to face, and is finally resurrected in the glory and brilliance of her victory. Everything else is, as Shakespeare himself said - the stage.

Project Specs:

Music Video, Drama, Fantasy





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