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The Ghost Rainforest

The Ghost Rainforest

directed by:

John Davies

Told from the perspective of indigenous activist Narubia Werreria, ‘The Ghost Rainforest’ follows a group of five indigenous leaders and activists from the Amazon, making an emotionally charged and once in a lifetime journey to a little known and desperately rare temperate rainforest habitat on the West Coast of Scotland. The visit is set amidst the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, a moment in history the world needed to listen to them, as ‘guardians of the forests’, but instead left them feeling ignored and sidelined. They bring their ancestral wisdom to Scotland’s Rainforest to carry out a spiritual blessing, connect distant communities and share a message of resilience and hope. The film focuses on the importance of indigenous wisdom to reconnect to these habitats before it’s too late.

Project Specs:

Documentary, Environmental


United Kingdom



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