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Film in Focus | International Film Festival opens its doors to film professionals, art cinema lovers and debut artists alike who want to showcase themselves in the industry along with their unique and individual ideas. 

We strive to curate an inclusive film line-up. A space where experienced professionals and first time filmmakers can share their artistic ideas and perhaps learn something from one another. 

As an international festival, our main goal is creating awareness on screening independent cinema. We welcome submissions from a wide range of genres including drama & comedy films, documentaries, animations, experimental projects, music videos or movie trailers. 


We run in association with Global Cinema Hub, a collection of international film festivals supporting indie filmmaking. By establishing a working network with filmmakers, producers and marketing professionals, we share one common goal: to forge productive and lasting relationships between independent filmmakers and audiences.

We are now open for submissions for our 2020 film showcase.



Film screenings along with the unique stories will take place right in the heart of Bucharest, at the Unteatru Theatre. Being one of the most effervescent art hubs of the capital city, Unteatru is the place where the creatives meet the audience through art exhibitions, theatre shows, film screenings and thematic workshops. 


Having a well established cultural hub with an outstanding cinema legacy, Bucharest brings the independent cinema hype to all film enthousiasts.


The best entries will be selected and screened every month a year. We will publish the results of the Official Selection every last day of the month, according to the Submission Notification sent in advance and the Official Screenings will take place the next month.


A jury of film professionals will review all eligible submitted films, evaluating from an independent point of view, seeking the energy and new ideas that will contour the future of the cinema.


The festival team will create an Official Selection of all the nominated films for each category. These projects will have a chance to win one of the many awards announced at the festival, and those selected in the Competition Categories will be screened in front of a live audience at the Unteatru Theatre in Bucharest. There will be laurels available for the nominated films and certificates for the winners.