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directed by:

Thomas Bischof

"SERVUS KARL is an evil fictional reflection of a milieu in the face of its downfall. The observation of a world at a standstill, and of its characters that want to break out of it.

The film follows Karl, a retiree and ex-thug, on his way through the bars and brothels of Vienna. Through documentary scenes the viewers experience the standstill that rules his world. Besides, they observe the characters’ lack of prospects and how they are struggling through the night under the burden of misery well aware that there is no escape. In the midst of this standstill, Karl gets to realise the evanescence of things and his own mortality. As he takes drunken Leo to his favourite bar, the situation gets out of control. Leo gives the prostitute Julie a bloody nose and destroys her hopes of escape from her misery. Later, Karl’s night ends in a way that is surprising for every person involved. He commits a murder to avoid vanishing into oblivion.

Servus Karl

Servus Karl

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