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A Conversation with Solitude

A Conversation with Solitude

directed by:

Janiv Oskár, Ilona Lehtonen

‘Conversazioni con la Solitudine’ (eng. A Conversation with Solitude) is a fashion film and a monologue. The poetic narration reveals the protagonist’s inner world as she is coming to an end of a socially distant period in life. It is a story of a goddess of the evergreen forest and how she came to know loneliness. Loneliness took different forms – social, existential, emotional – and she was visited by them all. When the protagonist illuminates the area she understands it may be the last time she is able to reach the other one. Nature’s dramatic changes reflect her inner journey. Through destruction she can find her own inner resources.

Project Specs:

Experimental, Fashion, Editorial, Poetic, Drama


Finland, Israel



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