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Naima - A N I M A

Naima - A N I M A

directed by:

Natalie Jean-Marain, Shyam Jones

This film is dedicate to women of all times
we see the young heroine being born, beautiful in her naturla state and watched over by Baba Yaga, the mystical huntress, allegorically the mother of mothers. Then our young heroine is thrown into society, into civilisation, and gets trapped in her mind-cave. the allegorical mother turns into a warrior goddess, we see allusions to Nefertiri weighing the heart against the feather. after a trip with crazy speed, overflowed with sensations our youg heroine finds herself in the cage, the loony bin, entrapped. as we are entrapped in our minds and separated from our power. the young heroine findes her way out eventually because she sees through the illusion and knows she can just walk through the walls.

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