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Trial Game

Trial Game

directed by:

Dobray György

As in every folktale where the poor man sends his son on a journey to try his luck, so does Antal send his 13-year-old son, Sebastián, to the Netherlands, in hopes of him becoming a professional football player. The stakes are high, as the Roma family of seven has put all their hopes into Sebastián to help them break out of poverty. They prepare the boy with advice on where to run and how to kick the ball in order to win the approval of the Dutch trainers, before bidding farewell with a real Roma celebration and their very own songs. “We have to let him go, because he has to get somewhere in life” — says Antal with tears in his eyes. Sebastián’s trainer, Zoli, brings him some clothes. The trousers are too big, but it’s okay, “we’ll fold them up” — laughs Sebastián, and they leave to the Netherlands, to Eindhoven, one of Europe’s greatest football centers, for a trial game.

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Hungary, Netherlands



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