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DIVA Orchestra - Time in a Bottle (Extended Version)

DIVA Orchestra - Time in a Bottle (Extended Version)

directed by:

Aurelien Durand

"Time in a bottle is a classical American song, written and played by Jim Croce in 1973.

This music video, from a unique orchestral arrangement of the original track and performed by the DIVA Orchestra, was shot in only one day during the pandemic at the historical monument "Theatre de la Renaissance" in Paris. A major and famous theater built in 1872 by Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas.

Subtle references to the classical french movie "Les enfants du Paradis" ("Children of Paradise") by Marcel Carné and Jacques Prévert feature in this video.

The set gathered more than 40 characters, artists and so on…
The song was performed by the French singer Coralie Royer, surrounded by many European artists, including members of the Wiener Royal Orchestra.

More than a music video, it is the first project directed by Aurelien Durand, and the very first short film produced by VOXO Productions.

Note: This music video is also available in a broadcast-ready short version."

Project Specs:

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