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Jennifer Wen Ma: Cry Joy Park—Gardens of Dark and Light

Jennifer Wen Ma: Cry Joy Park—Gardens of Dark and Light

directed by:

Dave Stewart Brown & Sixuan Geng

"This is a short documentary film produced in conjunction with the exhibition "Jennifer Wen Ma: Cry Joy Park—Gardens of Dark and Light".

Cry Joy Park—Gardens of Dark and Light is an investigation into the construct of a utopia, inspired by the history of Charleston, South Carolina: a cultural and artistic capital of the American South, and an exemplar of its opulence and beauty. This installation aims to present both an alluring, gorgeous and otherworldly garden, and its darker counterpart. The installation features two separate gardens: a Dark one and a Light one, both representing a yin/yang balance between utopias and dystopias.

About the Artist:
Jennifer Wen Ma moved to the United States in 1986 and graduated with an MFA in 1999 from the Pratt Institute. Her practice draws together elements and cultural references in sensitive and unexpected ways, bridging such diverse media as installation, drawing, video, public art, design, performance, and theater. Trained as an oil painter, Ma was one of seven members of the core creative team for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and received an Emmy Award for their broadcast. Her work has been shown around the world, including the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing; the Guggenheim Museum, New York; and the Metropolitan Museum, New York."

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