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directed by:

Anna Guseva

"Have you ever lost yourself in your own consciousness? Have you ever felt how is it to be a guest on a parade of your own dreams, suppressed wishes, hidden emotions and tireless searches?

Not Alice is an invitation for an event. It’s an enigmatic fashion story when the whole world is unraveling like an enormous machine. Protagonist A. is responsible for setting everything in that world in motion.

She’s vibrant, vivacious, sexy and a bit audacious. She’s confident in her movements in this space. Her interactions with other characters are more like a tactile small talk, where A. is the center of attraction and the host of this party. Only that this party is happening in her head.

Characters’ costumes made by fashion designer DOKUCHAEVA and turned into a unified picture by costume designer Anya Guseva and her team GOOSEVA KOMANDA. Every outfit was made by hand, every material, fabric, and furniture were selected with great attention to details, many of them were bought on a vintage flea markets or taken from old, completed dresses. Vibrant looks flicker like a light through a kaleidoscope. It’s not a collection in a regular sense, it is a designer’s journey through fairytales she was told in her childhood. A little bit of nostalgic grief about thing long gone but not forgotten, like mom in a red dress on her own wedding, red spotted teacup from grandma’s china, abundance of bright prints and peculiar, angled forms in parent’s wardrobe.

Project Specs:

Art, Fashion, Music Video


Russian Federation



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