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Candied Lips

Candied Lips

directed by:

Hina Effie Ogino

"For blue-haired Steve, it's just another day working at his mom's candy store in Montauk. That is, until the girl of his dreams suddenly walks in. Her name is Strawberry; she has red highlights and an edgy sense of style. She doesn’t seem like one for small talk as she walks up to the counter and bluntly asks Steve for skittles, but Steve is visibly rattled by her uniqueness. Strawberry then pulls out a disposable camera and takes a photo of him. She leaves, Steve regrets his flustered reaction, and retreats into self pity. For consolation, he opens up a pack of sour skittles and pours it in his mouth. They are too sour! He reaches for a bottle of strawberry soda and drinks that next. As he drinks the soda, he has a lightbulb moment. He begins decorating the store in a strawberry theme design, in hopes of getting the girl’s attention. He switches all the candy to red, hangs up huge strawberry cutouts, adorns the walls with strawberry cutouts, and even hangs a large strawberry pinata from the ceiling. As the end of the day approaches, Steve loses hope of Strawberry coming back. He is turning the sign to “close” when Strawberry walks in. Steve is ecstatic that she has come back. She is amazed to see the store decorated with strawberries and asks if he still has that sour pack of skittles. He abashedly admits that he ate the skittles, but offers her different candies. The two talk for some time until Steve musters up the courage to ask her if she would like to go watch the sunset with him and eat some special candies. Strawberry is flattered and agrees to the date. They go watch the beautiful Montauk sunset. They are laughing, having fun and being playful with one another, sticking candies on each other’s faces. Steve makes his move and leans in, but Strawberry has an idea. She grabs two big candy red lips, they each put them on, and their wax lips meet in a kiss.

Project Specs:

Romance, Student Film


United States



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