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directed by:

Simon Mozgovyi

The song and the video are based on the book “Zemlya” (Earth) by O. Kobylianska. The song features a Ukrainian folk choir.
The video «Earth» is an attempt to depict the most important events of the story. The director wrote the script based on the fact that two of the band members are brothers. So they played those parts. The leitmotif of the video is the envy and ambivalence of the younger brother towards the older one, a modern interpretation of the biblical story of Cain and Abel. The younger brother is a lowly and emaciated character.
The second is a shapely, self-confident man who is about to marry his beloved who is pregnant by him but must serve in the army first. The main argument between the brothers is the right of succession in land ownership. Incited by his Romany cousin, who is also his mistress, the younger brother dares to kill the elder.
The music video consists also of black and white archive footage from the past century which represents the portrait of the Ukrainian landscapes and has a classical live performance of the music band.
The topic of the book is very sensitive for Ukrainians nowadays because the main idea of the work is defense and respect for your own land. When the active phase of the war started, we decided to release it for the fear of possible occupation and repression of Ukrainian culture.

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