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Mental Soirée

Mental Soirée

directed by:

Alberto Arellano

A Manual for a correct study of Telepathy in 3 steps leads the story trough an evocative universe in which the characters are immerse.
The mind is like a shipwreck, which always leaves remains on the beach…a story depicted in colors, shapes and symbols.
Mental Soirée tells the story of two shipwrecked people who meet in an unique soirée.

As a general comment about the film:
The film is an artefact articulated between two main ideas:
The first one is based on an experiment- scientific approach of how to get an extrasensory perception in 3 steps, ( in fact we want to really invite the audience to test it by following those steps strictly…) and the second main idea is based on a poetic gaze, suggesting a magnetic universe in which emotions, time, communication and feelings are diluted.

Project Specs:



Spain, Poland



Curated with love for films

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