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directed by:

Junghyun Hwang

”Here, each person creates his own world according to his own values, the values decides other people’s life and death, and the memories repeat and stay.“

So I build the miniature city to express the world from each standards.
Peaceful human being in the greatness of Mother Nature and the built out city are contrasted as I intended.

80% of the film was shot from miniatures.

Two brothers, who have different value of life, are suffering agony from the meaningless value in their chaotic world.
And the painful memories repeat themselves and stay on the endless time flow

Two brothers who have different values.
Daehyun believes that one person’s life is important as the lives of one hundred people.
Duhyun believes that one person’s life can be sacrificed if that saves the lives of one hundred people.
That one person could be me, my family, or my loved ones.
Efficiency in handling life is not what we need. We must place our greatest importance on life and a way of coexisting with nature.

Each standards become prejudice and different worlds in prejudice make us conflict. The conflicts are repeated and stayed as the life and the death that are agonized memories on unstoppable time flow.

I believe the conflict could be resolved from consideration. Are we care them with others view not mine?

If we have sympathy and respect, we can create a different future.
(Both sympathy and respect requires one to understand another person’s viewpoint; observing my observe my view and other’s views not from my perspective but from other people’s perspectives. Therefore, in the film, I reduced the director’s omniscient view as much as possible and used four different perspectives that correspond to the four characters.)

Our imperious view and choices become others pain and it circles around finally it comes back to my family. And then we would realize the true consideration.

An efficiency-based society = the miniature city
A coexisting society = nature
Sympathy and respect = my viewpoint and other people’s viewpoints

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Republic of Korea



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