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Als die Welle brach ... / As the wave broke ...

Als die Welle brach ... / As the wave broke ...

directed by:

Alexandra Bekiou

"As the wave broke…

The odyssey of a woman (40 years old) on the almost hopeless search for a life that does not seem like hell, after suffering the most terrible abuse and loss of her only consolation. She finds the answer for a life-affirming path beyond all clichés, until the wave breaks. Her key of success: unconditional love and freedom.

A violin lies in the sand, washed by leaking ocean waves. We hear a male voice.

Following sceneries:

Julia runs along the beach and we hear her thoughts.

Julia runs into the forest as she remembers something. The cry of despair seems to break through time and space. A person approaches Julia and seems to calm her with his hand without actually touching her. A male voice tells her something. The figure moves away.

Julia is sitting in her light-flooded living room at her laptop, where she is working on her book. You can hear her thoughts. Julia is torn from her thoughts by doorbells. As she continues writing, someone is knocking on her outside window. She lets him in more or less. Both are talking to each other, but Julia is feeling disturbed be Ricky.
A flashback shows both of them fooling around the beach. At last Ricky wants to kiss Julia but she backs off.
We see her again on the laptop, the argument escalates and she quickly throws Ricky out of her place.

Julia is walking towards the sea. We can hear her thoughts. She looks different now.

A man walks towards a bench with a book in his hand. It is the same one whose shoes and legs had appeared in Julia's forest. He sits down and begins to read. Something in the book made him look after the lighthouse in the background next to the bank. We can hear how he is reading out oft he book. Something seams to bother him. At the end we can see deepest pain, longing and tornness in his eyes.
Julia and the man stand side by side on the beach. Their faces are facing the sea. His hand tries to take hers, but she runs towards the sea. He is looking after her. You can see him smiling. She turns to him and extends her open hand towards him.
We see the black and white photo of a man from the past sitting at a typewriter and hear the same text as at the beginning oft he movie.

The End"

Project Specs:



Germany / Netherlands



Curated with love for films

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